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Hannah, Joshuah und ich haben uns über knapp ein Jahr im Rahmen der Kompetenzprüfung mit der Veränderung und Beeinflussung des Menschen beschäftigt. Nachdem die Dokumentation nun vollständig ist, veröffentliche ich diese hier (PDF-Datei).

Kritiken und Anmerkungen sind, wie bei jedem anderen Beitrag hier im Blog auch, immer gerne gesehen.

Ich habe letztens mal für Englisch einen sehr empfehlenswerten Science-Fiction Roman zusammengefasst. Es geht um das Buch Das Jesus Video von dem deutschen Schriftsteller Andreas Eschbach.

The novel starts with the protagonist Stephen Foxx. He is a rich american student who helped with an archaeological dig in Israel. During the dig he found a skeleton and a user manual from a Sony digital video camera. Stephen’s mentor Charles Wilford-Smith found out that the man and the manual were two thousand years old. After that discovery, Stephen called Sony and asked about the camera model, but the engineer told him that this model was still in development. Soon they began to think on a time travel with the intention to film Jesus Christ and the investor of the dig, John Kaun started to search for the camera. But John excluded Stephen from the searching. Stephen started his own and he had an advantage, a letter from the time traveller. In the letter the time traveller talked about his story. He really filmed Jesus and hid the camera and the three tapes. But he also wrote that the time travel was more like an accident. So Stephen and his friends Judith and her brother Yehoshuah started searching by the Western Wall. But the part of the Western Wall where the time traveller hid the camera is nowadays under the ground. After this idea they had heard about a tunnel system under the Western Wall dug by monks a few hundred years ago. So probably the monks had already found the camera. The three visited the monastery and it turned out that they were right. The monks had owned the mirror as they had called it over centuries. But John was on their trail. So they had to escape through a cave without Yehoshuah. Stephen tried to turn the camera on but the storage battery finally died after two thousand years. Stephen and Judith succumbed after they had walked too long in the desert. John found them, reactivated the camera and watched the footage. He said that the whole world would have to watch this. But before he had the possibility to show it to someone three agents from the Vatican appeared and destroyed the camera and the tape.

Three years passed. Stephen was working for a company, which sold the new video equipment from Sony. He saw a list of the first buyers. Stephen found out that there was only one guy who had ordered a player but no camera and the name of this person was Charles Wilford-Smith. So Stephen had this suspicion …
He drove to him and told Wilford-Smith his theory. After some hesitation Wilford-Smith told his part of the story. He found one tape in 1947, but had no means to watch the footage on them as the technology had not been invented yet. So he became an archaeologist and had started to search for the camera. But he didn’t find it.
But two weeks ago he got the player. They watched the footage. It showed Jesus in a very powerful and touching way. After Stephen had seen the video he changed.
Once again some agents from the Vatican appeared, destroyed the tape and vanished. But this time it was not really annoying because Wilford-Smith and his friends had made thousands of copies and distributed them all over the world. So the Vatican could not keep the truth about the video any longer.

Two and a half years later. Stephan worked temporarily in a motel. A guy talked about his trip to Israel he was going to do and he showed his Sony video camera. He said something more matching with the story Stephan already knew. So Stephan was sure that this guy must have been the time traveller …

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